About Us

Corporate Solutions Tech, Inc. is a Global Recruiting and Consulting firm covering a diverse array of placement opportunities in Information Technology sector.

CST Consulting

The consulting division of CST specializes in end-to-end Program and Project Management to ensure that that your Technical Implementations, Enhancements, Migrations, Cloud Initiatives and Software Projects are delivered on-time and on-budget. CST works with your organization to craft a custom MSA/MSP to ensure your organization stays ahead of the curve when utilizing the funds budgeted for the fiscal year. To find out more about the specific consulting services offered

Corporate Solutions Tech

CST Staffing

The Recruiting and Staffing division of Corporate Solutions Tech is dedicated to connecting top talent with the right company. Our recruiters have over 20 years combined experience in contingent staffing and direct hiring for firms of all sizes including fortune 500 and 100 companies. CST understands that there is much more to recruiting and staffing than just matching resumes to job descriptions. CST goes above and beyond to research the company to ensure potential candidates not only fit the requirements of the job description, but are also in alignment with the company’s culture and core values.

Our Experience

Corporate Solutions Tech has over 30 years of experience implementing multi-million and
billion dollar initiatives for firms worldwide. CST, brings a wealth of diverse technical,
business knowledge and general experience to the firms we serve. Head-quartered in
Jacksonville, FL, we not only understand the importance of providing quality services and
building strong relationships with our partners, clients and staff; we also believe in building
and maintaining strong relationships within the communities we serve.