Why CST?

Corporate Solutions Tech is a Global Recruiting and IT Consulting firm covering a diverse array of placement opportunities in the information technology sector. CST is made up of 2 parts CST Staffing and CST Consulting.

CST Staffing team of recruiters have over 20 years experience in the contingent staffing and direct hire placement industries covering wide range of industries. In addition to Corporate Solutions Tech’s experience in recruiting and staffing, CST also has industry experience as the consultant. Our team has worked as consultants and contractors for some of the top fortune 500 and 100 companies in the US as well as implemented IT software and infrastructure projects that involve both onshore and offshore teams and vendors. CST understands how to elicit the proper candidate requirements from the employer and assess the potential candidate’s hard and soft skills to ensure we match the candidate to the right opportunity.

Opportunity Awaits: So what are You waiting for?

The recent COVID 19 Pandemic has impacted nearly everyone in the world either directly or indirectly. Many lost their jobs or experienced large pay cuts that have made this pandemic even more difficult to endure. Even in hard times and struggling economies there are moves you can make to take your career to the next level. Don’t spend too much energy wondering if you should create an account…just take the next step, create your profile, upload your resume and get matched to your dream job!

Victory comes from finding opportunities in problem” (Sun Tzu).

CST Staffing For Mobile

Continue your job hunt on the go.

Don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity just because you aren’t at home glued to your PC. CST, understands that we all have a million responsibilities and searching for employment is not always easy. View jobs, submit applications and even get alerts on the go. Download the app today and Let us take some of your stress away! ---- COMING SOON -----